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If we take a look on the scientific knowledge of society in different centuries, we will see an exponential growth of science as Derek John de Solla Price has already done. Therefore, it becomes harder and harder for a specialist to be in trend and to improve a qualification nowadays. Fortunately, Gordon Earle Moore helped engineers with his law of doubling the number of transistors in integrated circuits approximately every two years. Consequently, the processing power of personal computers rapidly increases. It allows engineers to analyze and solve numerically such problems that even do not have an analytical solution yet. Mainly this opportunity is provided by various software packages that implement finite element method modeling.
FEM software is applied in various engineering domains: chemistry, biology, medicine, mechanics, electromagnetics, optics, fluids and gases dynamics, acoustics and etc. It allows to speed up a design process of new devices, implement virtual prototyping instead of costly experiments in labs. FEM packages give an opportunity to simulate and visualize processes of enormous complexity. Additionally, FEM software is helpful for educational purposes and for presenting results for specialists from other domains. Thus, for an up to dated engineer it is important to be familiar with FEM methods and software. Moreover, that is a must for the engineer of the future, the Engineer+, who wants to develop and improve the society.
As so, we hope to provide a convenient environment mainly oriented on FEM modeling to improve your knowledge, observe relevant news and articles. We wish you enjoy time spent with us!